“The Slovenia Open was a good competition for me. I played well in the group stages because I beat Marcin Skrzynecki who I lost to in Rio so I got some revenge on him. I then beat Emil Andersson in the last 16, which was also really good because I lost to him in Rio as well so that was double revenge. Although it was nice to beat the players I lost to in Rio I don’t really view it as revenge because I just wanted to get back on top and start winning against the best players again. They are all world class players and obviously sometimes I might lose to them but it is important that I am getting the results and beating them.

 Ross Wilson v Didukh Slovenia Open 2017“I lost to Viktor Didukh in the quarter-finals, 3-2. Although it was a close result against the World number one I really wanted to win so I was quite disappointed. Going forward to the next competition I‘m still striving for better and I want to be beating the best player in the world. I did beat some really good players and I’m proud of that but I want to go to the next level now and beat the very best.

 “I did a lot right against Didukh and exploited his weaknesses a lot better but towards the end of the match he started getting used to what I was doing and he started putting some things in place to stop me doing it. So now it is about learning how to carry on exploiting his weaknesses even when he starts changing the way he is playing. I can take confidence from the fact that I can compete at that level but I need to make sure I can hold out when he starts changing his game and I think with more training I can do that.

 “After Slovenia we had a training camp in Slovakia to prepare for the World Team Championships and unfortunately I started to have a problem with my lower back. I did as much rehab as I could and I was stretching every day, working in the pool and seeing my physio but I couldn’t rotate and I wasn’t physically able to play in the tournament. It was frustrating but so many things can happen in competitions that can frustrate you so you need to learn to get on with it and make the best out of what you have.

 “I’m now preparing for the German Open and training really hard again. I’ve got the all-clear from my physio to get back in the training hall and I’m really going to push on now and work my hardest for Germany. It is usually a great competition and a strong field so I’ll take each match as it comes and do my absolute best to get the results.”