“The European Championships in Slovenia – the first major competition since Rio – start on September 28 and I can’t wait to get out there now. Preparation has been really good. We always have a training camp in Slovenia a few weeks before a major and it was great to get some good match practice out there. Since then it has been good to get back in the training hall in Sheffield and I’ve been working hard every day to see if I can find a bit more and see where I can improve my game.

Ross Wilson action 1“I’ve been trying to just sharpen everything up. Over the last four years I haven’t been able to train in the way I wanted or needed to because of my injury problems. When you haven’t been able to play that much everything is just a bit less focused than you want it to be and a bit less consistent. I just want to be able to keep practicing consistently for a lot of hours so I can keep improving and get my game back to the level it has been in the past. Hopefully if I can do that I can get back to the top of the world rankings in my class.

“It was good to win in Germany and I’d love to medal in the Europeans as well. That is where I want to be – pushing for the medals. It is a different feeling knowing that I am going in to a major competition with plenty of training behind me and that is definitely a positive. It is good to be on the table a lot more now – I can’t say that just because I have had more time on the table that I am going to do better but it is definitely good for my confidence and makes me a lot more positive and hopefully I can do well out there.”