Ross Wilson SM8 bronze medal“The European Championships have been good overall and this is the first major where I have medalled in singles and team so it is definitely a positive for me. I have enjoyed it and although I feel that is has been a very up-and-down competition I’ve learned that major championships are like that so you take the good with the bad and just keep going.

“I was disappointed after my singles semi-final because I’ve taken the World number one Viktor Didukh close a few times now and I thought that might be the time I beat him. It was the semi-finals of the European Championships so it was obviously on quite a big stage and I really wanted to win that match but looking back it is just more motivation for me to improve and I can see where I need to make that improvement.

“At the top level it is all about figuring out each other’s games quite quickly. I think I did that but then Didukh changed a few things and his tactics changed a little bit and then I didn’t adapt as quickly as I would have liked to those changes, especially in the fifth set. If I could have adapted a bit quicker then it could have been a different result. That is what I can look at going forwards – to be able to change my game when I need to. It is about reading the game and reading what has happened and if I keep going in training and keep working on the things I want to work on then eventually I will overtake these guys. It does give me motivation for the next year to do even better at the World Championships and hopefully that is what I can do.

Ross Wilson training Lasko 2017 “We have a break for a couple of weeks now but I will go back to Sheffield as I am playing a couple of British League matches, which will be really fun and hopefully our team can do well in that. Then I will get back into the training hall and really knuckle down. I’ll watch some of the videos from the Europeans and talk to the coaches to see what I want to work on in the next block of training and then really see where I want to go and what I need to improve the most. I’ll be looking to mix up my training, find some different training partners and go from there.

“There is always pride in winning medals for your country and that is one thing I will forever enjoy doing no matter what colour it is – bronze, silver or gold. It is doing it for your country and it really is something I feel passionately about doing. I just want to carry on doing that but I want to improve the colour of the medal and hopefully get the gold next time.”