“Although I was disappointed with my results in the singles competition I think overall that Rio 2016 was a success for me. I wasn’t the best prepared I could be because of the injuries I had going in to the Games so to come away with a medal was just incredible and to do it with the boys again was amazing. Looking back now I know where I could have done better and know how I can do better in the future and obviously that experience will make me a better player and benefit me going in to the next Paralympic Games. Taking a medal was good for my confidence but at the end of the day I want to get to Tokyo and do even better – I want to go for gold. That is my aim now for the next four years.

Ross Wilson in corner with Greg“Injuries are a part of sport – any elite athlete will tell you that. I’ve probably suffered with injuries more than most so I’ve had to learn about my own body and how it works. Now I know how I can manage myself better so it is about pushing my body and seeing what my boundaries are again leading up to Tokyo.

“I took January off and spent a month in Australia which was amazing.  It was really important that I had a break as during all my injury problems it was really psychologically difficult to maintain a good level when I couldn’t play that much. So to get a break before the next four years was vital. Now that I have done that I want to play more than ever and can’t wait to get back into it again.

“I’ve been back in training since the beginning of February and it is going really well. Obviously it is the beginning of the season and I have just been getting back into things and starting to test myself a bit again but I’m really enjoying it. At the end of the month I’m going to Italy for the Lignano Master Open which will be my first competition since Rio. I’m not really going into Italy with high expectations – it is more a case of seeing where I am at the moment compared to the other players in the world but if I can do well and take a medal then I would be over the moon.”

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