The Lord's Taverners

The Lord Taverners is a charity for young disabled children and Ross is very proud to be one of their sporting ambassadors.
To view their website and see how they are helping young disabled children participate and compete in sport, follow the link:


Tree of Hope logo



Tree of Hope offers help and support to families of sick and disabled children in the UK who need specialist medical surgery, treatment and therapy. Ross has been following the work of the charity for some time and is delighted to have become  a Patron. To find out more about the work done by Tree of Hope go to:


Swale Youth Development Fund

The Swale Youth Development Fund is a great charity that helps young  people towards their dreams in a variety of activities. They have supported Ross throughout his career and have a very positive effect on his local community.
To view their website and see how they help young talented people, follow the link: